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 Today I have benefitted from a very good counselling session for which I am extremely grateful.  What a wonderful warm, welcoming spirit I experienced! Thanks to all those generous volunteers who give freely of their time and energy to support so many of us.


Since starting cancer treatment seven years ago, I have been visiting the Chilworth Day Unit,  four or five days a week.  Luckily I found the Fountain Centre within a year of starting my treatment, and was offered a place on the Positive Health Programme.

In September 2010 I was admitted to Onslow Ward and confined to an isolation room for seven weeks due to a very nasty bug apparently two and a half times stronger than MRSA. I  spent a lot of my time sleeping while receiving  life saving antibiotics.

After about a month I felt restless, Sue my wife knew that in the past I had various treatments in the Fountain Centre –  everything from acupuncture to reiki. She rang through and asked if anyone had a slot and the following day there was a knock on the door. One of the therapists from the Fountain Centre came in and offered me an hour of reflexology, which left me feeling much better. Over the following few months I had reflexology on several occasions which I found to be a great tonic and am sure that my general wellbeing improved.

I would like to convey my thanks to all concerned, they certainly helped to make me feel a whole lot better. If you have not been to the Fountain Centre you are truly missing out, it is a place of quiet and solitude, (except when I’m there and my phone goes off!!) and also the garden is a joy to sit in.

Your problems do not go away but it provides a short break for you and your carer. You also have the opportunity to talk to other cancer patients which helps a great deal.


When I was asked if I would be a model at the annual Fashion Show for the Fountain Centre, I was initially very excited, but then my confidence waned. As a cancer patient with no hair, I felt so vulnerable, but I said to myself  “I can do this”. After several rehearsals, the big night arrived and it was my time to walk the catwalk!

I had the most handsome fireman escorting me onto the catwalk, and there he was waiting for me, to help escort me off. Any fears were washed away, not just by the glass of red wine, but also by the support and encouragement of the audience. I felt so uplifted and confidence oozed from every pore, I even found myself laughing.  The whole atmosphere was that of absolute fun and it was a real pleasure to be a part of the whole modelling experience, I would recommend it to anyone.

Dave Mellham

I cannot speak highly enough of the Fountain Centre, everyone who works there is fabulous. My wife Angela and I spent a lot of time there while she was receiving cancer treatment, and I would wait and have a cup of coffee, so we got to know everyone really well.

When I was encouraged to have a reflexology treatment I wasn’t sure at all. I was a copper who had worked the streets of London, so to me complementary therapies were for everyone else, but  not me. The therapist put me totally at ease, it was fabulous,and I came out feeling “zonked”. I couldn’t believe how just working on my feet could make me feel so relaxed. I went on to have more reflexology and massage therapies. It changed my life, allowing me to unwind during a really rough ride that lasted several years.

Paula Grosvenor

I would encourage anyone who is thinking of supporting a charity to make a donation to the Fountain Centre, it is a truely wonderful facility at the St Luke’s Cancer Centre. The Fountain Centre provides a relaxing haven where both patients and carers can go and either have treatments or simply relax, drink tea and coffee, chat to the staff and generally ‘de-stress’ at this trying time.

I would also like to thank everyone at the Fountain Centre who works on a voluntary basis giving fantastic complementary therapies.


Thank you so much to the team of Look Good Feel Better (LGFB). I attended one of the workshops and had a wonderful afternoon. I had just finished my chemotherapy, and had been feeling pretty low and vulnerable due to the loss of my hair, eyebrows and lashes.  This was my first trip to the Fountain Centre since my diagnosis and subsequent surgeries, and from the moment I arrived I was made to feel welcome.

I would like to let you know that LGFB far exceeded my expectations – it was lovely to meet other cancer patients and the ladies running the workshop were very helpful and supportive during a difficult time. And wow, the goody bag was amazing – thank you to all the companies concerned who donated so generously. All in all a fantastic couple of hours, many thanks indeed.