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Does sugar ‘feed’ cancer?

There are many websites and books that suggest that sugar can ‘feed’ cancer or encourage the tumour to grow.  However there is no conclusive evidence to suggest that there is a relationship between sugar and increased cancer risk or survival. It is not necessary to restrict your diet by removing foods that contain sugar. 

Sugar is a carbohydrate and an important source of energy.  It is particularly important not to remove all sugar-containing food and drink during cancer treatment if your appetite is poor and you are losing weight. 

Sugar provides us with energy, but if eaten in excess it can lead to weight gain. There is strong evidence to show that being overweight can increase your risk of cancer recurrence. If you have finished treatment and are overweight, it is therefore advisable to limit foods and drinks with added sugar and focus on a healthy balanced diet. This will lower your calorie intake and encourage weight loss, and help reduce the risk of your cancer coming back.