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There is so much information in the press and on the internet on diets and cancer. I am now very confused as to what I should be eating. Who should I believe?

Anybody can start a website on the internet and this has led to many unqualified people giving nutrition advice that is not scientifically proven in well conducted research studies.  In addition, there are often articles written in the press in which research is reported ‘out of context’ or based on very small studies which are carried out in laboratories or on animals. The results are often translated into headline news and give false hope to many that certain foods may ‘cure’ their cancer.

It is very good to have ‘hope’ but unfortunately many of these alternative diets may prove harmful to some people during cancer treatment. The best advice can be obtained from reputable sources such as Macmillan and other cancer charities, the British Dietetic Association, NHS Choices or a Registered Dietitian. Details of all of these can be found at the here.