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Diet & Nutrition

These questions will provide you with general guidance on what to eat when you are diagnosed with cancer and during your cancer treatment. The information is evidence-based and provided by the Macmillan Oncology Dietitians working at St Luke’s Cancer Centre. It is worth bearing in mind that the advice may not be suitable for everyone and if you have particular concerns and would like an appointment with a dietitian, then please contact the Fountain Centre who will provide details of how to self-refer to the department.

  1. There is so much information in the press and on the internet on diets and cancer. I am now very confused as to what I should be eating. Who should I believe?
  2. Why should I change my eating habits just because I have been diagnosed with cancer? Isn’t it too late now?
  3. I have just started chemotherapy and am worried about losing weight. What should I be eating?
  4. I am having radiotherapy, am very tired and have a dry mouth so am struggling to eat. What foods would be good to eat?
  5. Should I take vitamin and mineral supplements?
  6. Do I need nutritional supplement drinks or foods?
  7. Does sugar ‘feed’ cancer?
  8. I have heard that milk can cause cancer. Should I remove dairy foods from my diet?
  9. Are organic foods better for me?
  10. Where can I get more information?