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Flavia Cacace

Flavia has been a patron of the charity since she hosted a fashion show on our behalf in 2009, and first visited the centre in 2010. The “Strictly” star has been a great friend ever since.

Flavia said “I am proud to be part of this pioneering enterprise and realise that the gentle complementary therapies available to patients are a wonderful addition to the orthodox medical approach to the treatment of cancer.”

The Fountain Centre is a charity and only exists because of donations from the public.  Flavia said she would do all she could to publicise and raise awareness of the Fountain Centre in order to raise more vital funds.  So she has welcomed our supporters back-stage when she was performing in Woking, hosted a ‘selfie’ opportunity in Guildford and donated her winnings from her appearance on ITV’s ‘Celebrity Mr & Mrs’ – which of course also introduced the Fountain Centre to an audience of millions.

James Cosmo

We were absolutely delighted to announce that the film and TV actor James Cosmo had agreed to become a patron – .  He visited us for the first time in October 2012 to open the Art and Meditation exhibition and subsequently agreed to take on the role.  To quote Wikipedia, “A staple of British television, with credits in hundreds of television shows, Cosmo made a name for himself playing Scottish “tough guy” characters, often with a screen dominating charisma.”  Those of you who saw his performance in the BBC series Silent Witness will second that.  He’s not at all scary in real life.

Outside of Britain, he is best known for his film roles in Highlander,  Braveheart and Troy – and, without a sword, as Father Christmas in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. He played Jeor Mormont, Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, in the globally-acclaimed HBO series Game of Thrones, and has more recently been seen in ITV’s hit crime drama, Shetland. 

James lives locally, is married to Annie and they have two sons.  We look forward to getting to know him better – though we appreciate he is extraordinarily busy.

Annabel Croft

The sports broadcaster and former professional tennis player came to visit the Fountain Centre with her husband Mel and they were really  impressed by what they saw. It was obvious that Annabel was “at one” with the ethos of the Fountain Centre and had a real understanding and sympathy for our holistic approach to the care of cancer patients.

Her shared belief in the holistic approach to health meant she had no hesitation in becoming one of our patrons and asked us to call if we needed any help in the future. In fact we did call on Annabel, to feature in a promotional film we have made about the Fountain Centre, to raise awareness of what we offer and to highlight the fact that the Fountain Centre is a charity in need of donations to survive.

View Annabel’s interview here.

Kathryn Harries

“I first heard of the Fountain Centre when a great friend of mine was diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2003. Julia had to undergo incredibly arduous treatment for several months before having a mastectomy and the support and encouragement she received from the Fountain Centre transformed this ordeal into a much more positive experience.

When I was in the Royal Surrey in December to have a knee replacement, Julia asked me if I would consider becoming a patron of the Fountain Centre. I was honoured to be asked and agreed immediately. Having lost two very close friends to breast cancer in recent years, I am eager to do whatever I can to help the Fountain Centre to raise funds to help anyone facing this modern-day scourge.

I was delighted to open the information corridor – certainly a first! – and looking at the stylish, soothing and tranquil surroundings, I was struck by the range of therapies available to cancer patients. Above all, the compassion and humanity that emanated from every person I encountered was remarkable.

Having been a recipient of acupuncture, osteopathy and reflexology for many years, I realise just how valuable these therapies are and I am very much looking forward to being involved in the promotion and development of this marvellous facility.”

Kathryn is now the lynchpin of one of our regular fundraising events, our Christmas Concert – see the Events page for more details.

Hayley Mills

Award-winning and much-loved actress Hayley Mills first visited the Fountain Centre in May 2012, when she was shown round our new Level A facilities.  We were delighted that she was interested in our work, and even happier when she said she would be come one of our patrons.  Hayley has been through breast cancer and speaks out regularly on the benefits of a holistic approach to treatment.

You can read one of her recent articles here.

David Shepherd

Artist and conservationist David Shepherd is a proud patron of the Fountain Centre and is an advocate of routine testing to help promote the early diagnosis of prostate cancer. He has spoken about his experience of cancer on Esther Rantzen’s talk show.

When diagnosed with prostate cancer, David’s philosophy was that of a positive attitude towards the disease and its treatment, but at times this approach was tested.  He found the  MRI tunnel extremely unpleasant, and the noise from hospital building works during his treatment made it hard to stay upbeat.  However, after his radiotherapy treatment finished, his wife helped to restart his characteristic sense of humour by writing the names of all the staff who had treated him on his stomach.

David and his wife are supporters of complementary therapies working alongside the NHS. He found the Fountain Centre to be a marvellous concept and a friendly, warm meeting place. When you next visit the Fountain Centre, look out for David’s painting  “The Lazy Hazy Days of Summer”.